13 Things White People Do When You Point Out Racism

This was a very insightful blog post. It made me think of the 1920s where the KKK was at its height of power and prestige. Only 10% of white Americans were in the Klan but the vast majority stayed quiet or silently cheered on the terrorist acts. Did those people just go away? No many of them raised their children with the same beliefs to stay quiet or silently support the racist, because we all know you are not racist unless you wear a Klan robe.

The Boeskool

Just by chance, this sign was made by the Just by chance, this sign was made by the “Lonestar Restaurant Assn. Dallas, TX”

A few interesting things happen when someone suggests that racism might have played a role in someone’s actions (say, for example, an overly aggressive police officer’s actions). A couple of days ago I published THIS POST talking about how important is is to watch uncomfortable videos (like the one of the girl getting her face shoved into the ground at that pool party), along with a video about systemic racism, and one about videotaping police interactions. This is not the first time I have written posts that point out racial bias and discrimination–I actually write about itquiteoften–And I’ve noticed that the response to posts like this (at least in my white bread world) follow a fairly predictable pattern. In no particular order, here is what seems to follow any accusation of racism:

  • Blame the media for…

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