Honoring African-American Soldiers During Black History Month

Lincoln and Mexico Project

usct_7Photo courtesy of Library of Congress

Celebrating Black History Month is a great opportunity to honor African-American soldiers who served in wartime. One group that is sometimes overlooked is the original US Colored Troops formed during the Civil War, where they were an important part of success by Union Troops.

Some historians have written about African-American soldiers during the Civil War, notably William A. Dobak in “Freedom by the Sword.” Historian and educator Michael Hogan is one of the few to document the role of the USCT in helping exiled Mexican President Benito Juárez end French occupation of North America. His research of archival documents resulted in a chapter in his book “Abraham Lincoln and Mexico” about USCT troops fighting alongside Mexican troops.

Several key online sources contain more facts about African-American soldiers in the 1860s.

The website for the U.S. Army Center of Military History summarizes the origin and…

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